Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Total Distortion

(A Social Distortion Tribute)




Total Distortion was formed to pay homage to Social Distortion, one of America's first 1970s punk rock bands. Based in San Diego, Total Distortion was the creation of Don Vercelli, a singer with a voice that is eerily similar to that of Social D frontman Mike Ness. Backed by his fellow band members Chris Cunningham, Shawn Casillas and Greg Grmolyes, Vercelli has led Total Distortion onstage to pay homage to Social D in venues throughout California,Arizona, Nevada and Texas.





Don Vercelli
Lead Vocals, Guitar

Chris Cunningham
Lead Guitar, Backing vocals

Shawn Casillas
Bass,Backing vocals

Greg Grmolyes
Drums, Backing vocals


Social Distortion