Thursday, June 22, 2017

Total Distortion

(A Social Distortion Tribute)

Total D meets Social D

Cease and Desist Turns into Approval for Total Distortion

After receiving a Cease & Desist letter from Social Distortion, Total Distortion hangs out with the band at HOB Anaheim and gets the Ness seal of approval!
Social Distortions management reached out to Don "Ness" Vercelli to make amends for pain and suffering the band endured after they had to change their name. They invited the band to meet the real Social Distortion before the show at the Anaheim House of Blues December 11th. For the occasion, Total Distortion dressed in their stage uniforms to capture such a great day. Social D was aware of Total D and at one point in the pleasantries made a comment about Total D playing at The Belly Up with in a few weeks. It was pretty epic knowing Social D knew about their band. A Tributes Bands Dream!

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